Top 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Tinder 11

Top 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Tinder

Is there a lack of love in your life that has led you to the mysterious world of online dating in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right? Do you belong to multiple dating sites or apps, yet still seem to strike out? Check out the most common mistakes people are making in online dating and […]


15 Reasons To NEVER Get Married! 2

15 Reasons To NEVER Get Married!

When you really stop to think about it, why would you EVER get married?! Maybe you just haven’t stopped to think about it long enough. Well, here are a full 15 good reasons to never, ever get married. And to always stay single. Happy. Free. Take a closer look!   Set your own social schedule. […]


20 Celebrities Who Are No Longer in the Closet!

Like any other population or group, celebrities come in all shapes, sizes and…sexualities. And while being gay, lesbian or bisexual has always been somewhat common among the ranks of celebrities, it isn’t until recently that they have felt emboldened and supported enough to “come out” to the public and paparazzi. Here is a closer look […]